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Rachel is an artist living in Brooklyn, New York with a BFA in Cartooning from The School of Visual Arts. Loving to illustrate anything dealing with monsters, adorable images and beyond, a strong sensibility for poster design is their forte. Inspiration for various works often comes from bright mind-numbing colors involved with abstract Bay Area/ NYC painters of the 80's, drag, and a general love of fake/plastic objects and nausea. Other than that, a large amount of their work centers around feeling of constant nausea and sickness, greasy and throbbing skin painted red, and emotional instability.

Slinging ink on a page, panel, or canvas has always been a strong suit; thick line variations to give a sense of form and movement are apparent within even simple illustrations. Above all, everything is always made with love. You can usually find them around NYC at various DIY shows, drag shows, and other venues.  

They’ve worked on comic books, zines, as well as storyboarding various animations and posters for music labels and venues around the country. Some Clients include MASHABLE, Oni Press, TIDAL, and Warner Bros. Music.

 They’ve had paintings and comics displayed with The Cotton Candy Machine Gallery, Pips, Desert Island, Living Gallery and Greenpoint Gallery. They plays bass in the glam-garage band Plaid Dracula with far too many (or maybe not enough) fuzz pedals . Full Resume is available upon request.